We are focused on harnessing the potential of AI to improve all aspects of daily life.

Natural Language Processing

Data mapping + normalization
Topic classification


Custom image classification
Object detection
Image ranking

Recommendation Systems

Product matching

We make it possible to solve complex AI tasks without needing extensive training for applications in natural language understanding, computer vision and recommendation systems. AI systems that previously required thousands of labeled examples can now be built with just a handful (and sometimes zero) new labeled examples. XOKind AI leverages foundational models such as large language models, multimodal models like CLIP, and common-sense reasoning over knowledge graphs. We are layering our innovations on top of these algorithms to build AI products that can assist businesses and consumers.

We are combining these tech innovations with human-centered design thinking to bring the ability to build, deploy and scale these AI capabilities to software developers and product managers, and enabling even small ML teams to achieve more, faster. The XOKind AI platform provides an accessible visual workflow as well as an API to build, deploy, manage and scale AI models.

Below are some illustrative ways in which we have leveraged the XOKind AI platform in our Una Travel app

Custom image ranking

Ranking visually informative and pleasing images higher using different criteria based on the travel modality such as hotels, restaurants or hikes.

Complex semantic search

Resolving natural language queries into SQL as well as vector similarity components and finding the best matches for the user

Data mapping and normalization

Structuring online travel content from disparate sources into a standardized ontology.

Personalized recommendations

Matching users with the best available inventory on-demand via a rich understanding of user preferences, inventory and contextual factors like distance or weather.

Our AI platform

We are excited to share these and many more capabilities with the world via the XOKind AI platform to maximize their impact across industries. We look forward to powering intelligent experiences in your own products!

Engineering excellence

We care deeply about our craft and leverage modern, scalable technologies including Flutter, React, Firebase, and Kubernetes. We iterate quickly in an interdisciplinary manner via Framer and Figma and leverage agile product development practices such as Sprint.

If you wake up as excited as we do to work with and advance cutting edge technologies and make products that rethink stagnant experiences, join us.

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