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What is Few-Shot Learning?

A unique Machine Learning technology to train a new AI model with less data. You only need to give a few examples to reach 85% or more accuracy - it only takes a few shots!

Developers can save days or weeks of training time using this methodology.

How does it work?

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Select a model

Choose the AI model you want to customize


Create your AI

Setup the model for the task you imagined


Train your model

With only a few examples needed

Deploy your custom AI model within your apps or organization via API

Examples of AI models built

AI for Personalization
Cold start recommendation

Highly relevant recommendations for new products and new users

AI for Food Apps
Custom image classification

Tag dishes from pictures to attributes photos with menu items

AI for Sales
Custom lead scoring

Predict the leads more likely to become customers using your CRM data

AI for Real Estate
Custom image labeling

Enhance real estate listings by adding property features from images automatically

AI for Retail
Custom image identification

Add new items to self-checkout and grab-and-go systems for stores

AI for Solar Panels
Custom image identification

Identify houses and properties which already have solar panels installed

AI for Digital Advertising
Custom image classification

Tag and organize images to enhance natural language search for visual content

AI for eCommerce
Custom image labeling

Enhance product listings by attributing additional tags automatically

A time saver for developers

Developers can save days or weeks of training time using this methodology.

Time needed to train & deploy a computer vision model: 

XOKind AI - 5 minutes

AWS Rekognition - 55 minutes

TensorFlow - 90+ minutes

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