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Examples of AI models for eCommerce

Predict CLV
Custom lead scoring

Identify high-value customers from the first purchase

Smart Personalization
Cold start recommendation

Highly relevant suggestions based on similar audience to boost engagement & AOV 

Dynamic Offers
Real-time predictive AI

Trigger promotional offers in real-time to improve new visitors conversion rate

Auto-tag product images
Custom image classification

Identify, label, and organize product images in real-time to enrich your listings

AI Checkout Upsells
Real-time predictive AI

Recommend the right products based on the customer information

Inventory Forecast
Real-time predictive AI

Smart prediction to forecast the demand and avoid out-of-stocks items

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What is Predictive AI?

XOKind AI calculates in real-time the probability of any outcome. By creating your custom AI model, you can turn any historical dataset into smart predictions to identify and qualify future customers or opportunities.


What KPIs do you want to improve this quarter?

Conversion Rate

Using your historical data and the real-time information from a new visitor on your website, the AI can predict if an offer is necessary to convert.

Customer Lifetime Value

XOKind AI can score in real-time your past and new customers based their potential lifetime value (CLV). It allows a smart segmentation of your customers to focus your efforts on the most valuable ones.

Average Order Value

XOKind predictive AI can suggest the right products based on the visitor's information and your customers behavior history. AI-powered recommendation and upsell systems can improve by 10+% your AOV (Average Order Value)

Click Through Rate

Create more engaging content with AI by predicting the products or dynamic Call to Action most likely to generate clicks or sales. Simply enter the historical data you have to predict the content that will best the more results.


By training your AI model with historical behavior from past customers you lost, you can easily predict and identify the ones you need to focus on to improve your retention rate.


Leverage behavior and purchase history to match your customers with relevant products and offer to increase overall revenues. You can also create smart audience segmentation for your ads and emails campaigns.

How it works?

Create a AI model specific to your business, products & customer in a few minutes only with XOKind AI - a low code platform allowing you to create a ML model in just a few clicks.

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Step 1: Import your data

Step 2: Train your AI

Step 3: Deploy your AI using our API

That's it! Your AI model is ready.

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About XOKind AI

We are a team of experts in Machine Learning and aim to make AI available to more people and organizations. We created a low-code AI platform, allowing any developers to build a smart feature powered by machine learning in just a few clicks.

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